The Texas Friends of the Governor's Home - Welcome to the Friends of the Governor's Mansion website! There have been a few changes around here. Please take some time to look around!

The Governor's Mansion Visitor Information - Please call 512-463-0063 for reservation information. For additional information about the Capitol Complex, call The Capitol Complex Visitors Center: 512-305-8400.

The Governor's Mansion Historical Information - The Governor's Mansion, the most historic house in Texas, sits on a beautifully landscaped city block in Austin near the Capitol building. Built in 1856, it is the oldest continuously occupied executive residence west of the Mississippi. The building has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

A Timeline of the Governor's of Texas and their First Ladies - Here you will find a listing of the Governors of Texas and an historical timeline that spans over 150 years. From the 1840s to present day, U.S. and world history are chronicled according to Texas governors' terms of office.

Suggested Classroom Activities for Students - These activities are merely suggestions. Please use them to generate your own ideas and teaching techniques. We encourage you to plan a field trip to the Governor's Mansion in the future.

Student Information on the Texas Governor's Mansion - The Texas Constitution of 1845 provided for the future construction of a residence for the governor of the state of Texas.

A Link to the Annual Student History Contest - We invite you to learn more about your Texas heritage by participating in this contest open to all Texas high school students.

Current Updates on the Progress of Maintenance - The Governor's Mansion is closed for major deferred maintenance on the historical structure. Tour information will be posted on this website when tours resume.

Books and Other Sources of Information on the Texas Governor's Mansion - A list of reference materials on the Texas Governor's Mansion.

Virtual Tour of the Texas Governor's Mansion - Welcome to the Governor's Mansion. It has been the official residence of Texas governors since 1856. Forty governors have lived in the mansion. It is the fourth oldest governor's mansion in the United States that has been continuously occupied by a chief executive, and it is the least altered from its original plan. It is the oldest building in the Capitol Complex-32 years older than the present Capitol.

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Office of the Governor Rick Perry - A link to Governor Rick Perry's website.