The Texas Constitution of 1845 provided for the future construction of a residence for the governor of the state of Texas.

The architectural style of the Mansion is Greek Revival.

Construction on the Mansion began in 1854 and finished in 1856.

Austin, the capital of Texas, had about 3,000 residents in 1856 when the Governor's Mansion was completed.

The builder of the Governor's Mansion was Abner Cook.

The original cost of the Mansion was $17,000--$14,500 for the building and $2,500 for the furnishings.

The Mansion was originally heated by nine wood burning fireplaces.

The exterior of the Mansion is made of brick with columns across the front rising 29 feet high.

The original structure contained 6,000 square feet divided into 11 rooms. Now the Mansion is 8,920 square feet and has 21 rooms, including the addition built in 1914 that remains the only major structural addition to the home.

By 2001, 39 families had occupied the house.

The Texas Governor's Mansion has been designated a Texas Historical Landmark and a National Historic Landmark. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.